Top 10 SPH Singapore Food Masters 2017

Top 10 SPH Singapore Food Masters 2017

Guess what?

WE MADE IT TO THE TOP 10  for North Zone in SPH Singapore Food Masters 2017!!!

Top 10 SPH Singapore Food Masters 2017


Thank you so much for everybody who had voted for us. We really appreciate the support! Being one of the Top 10, we’re definitely more recognized now, and need to work harder. For those who have not tried our food, please do come and visit us!

Special shoutout thanks to Timbre‘s team and Yishun Park Hawker Centre for assisting us with the marketing as well!

We would also like to thank SPH for extending the invite to us in joining this competition and congrats to everyone else who won!

We’ll continue to do our best in serving you great and valuable food!