Seth Lui’s 8 Stalls At Yishun Park Hawker Centre

Seth Lui’s 8 Stalls At Yishun Park Hawker Centre

SETH LUI – 8 Stalls At Yishun Park Hawker Centre YOU WILL That You Will Brave The Bad & The Mad For

Thank you for including us in the article, as part of Timbre Group’s marketing efforts! The BBQ Boneless Chicken Leg is definitely our signature item and we’re glad that it gained a positive review.

“When you order barbequed chicken, you’ll expect it to have the charred taste from, well, barbequing. And that’s exactly what Smokin’ Joe Western BBQ promises, and delivers.”

It’s what we strive for, and we use 100% charcoal to grill the chicken slowly in the Josper charcoal grill and oven. Handling fire is not easy, and more so using the traditional cooking method – charcoal. The marination is through Chef Joe’s years of research and multiple improvements on his own, resulting in an original creation – Smokin’ Joe’s Signature BBQ Boneless Chicken Leg. We have it in a burger version as well!

We focus very much on the quality of food that we put out to our customers, and it’s our passion to provide such standards to reflect us as a brand. Simply make a beeline to our stall at Yishun Park Hawker Centre to test it out!

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